You Remind me of Love

You remind me of love

Sometimes you remain dormant
Keeping me befogged

While ,Sometimes you’re faithful
Bringing joy , brimming with autumn colors

And at Other times,
when it rains,
And I feel lost
You prevail like an inconspicuous emotion

At the times
When the Sun shines brightly on you,
I feel bewildered.
Is this all worth?

But then,
You unfold yourself
Brimming with hope.

When I cannot fathom your beauty
When I talk with diffidence about your existence
You bloom and you blossom like never before!

Your aura
Uplifts my spirits
And Unfurls new vistas

Yes , You.
You , my favorite tree,
You remind me of love!~Ana#spring#cherryblossoms


Another attempt at writing Haiku. 2 stanzas.

Not all Rainbows and Sun shines

A Night of thunder
A day full of clouds
just like my life

but you show me
Sky, rainbows and sunshine
Happiness within

PS. we all have that one person , who shows the light that is hidden
within ourselves. That person arrives when we need them the most. 🙂



Picture credits –, Kaitlin McNabb

Today, I Give Up

And today , I Give up.

I Give up
All the negativities that wreathed my soul

I Give up
All the ropes that tied down my feathers

I Give up
All the dense ramifications from the past

I Give up
the darkness , the self perpetuating downward spiral

And today, I embrace.

I embrace
All the little moments of joy

I embrace
My freedom and the power to conquer

I embrace
All the love that has enveloped me

I embrace
All of my flaws
and yours too.

I am grateful.

PS .

Thank you 2019 🙂

Happy New Year Everyone !

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Just a bystander?

The difference between ebb and flow
between fast and slow
between despair and hope
and between you and I
was my being

All along I thought that I was in the midway
that I was above and beyond the right and the wrong
And lo! I turned out to be on the edge.

One the edge of a cliff,
beyond which lied tranquility,
faith and realism

All along I thought that I was shielded
that I was guarded and cherished
And lo! I turned out to be masked

Masked by an eclipse of the heart
beyond which appeared a shining star
and a clear path

by and by
the mountains moved
the birds fluttered
and the clouds swirled to make way
for the first time.

For the first time
when I decided to be the Protagonist of my life
and not just a by stander.


Wallflower lyrics

Further deep into the corner
retreating to their hideout
Silent and away from the limelight
That’s how her dreams are now
Like a wallflower

There was a time
When they used to mix well
With her day to day zeal,
Face the world and stand apart

Only once did they fall apart
And forever became
the wallflower lyrics ,
scribbled by another wallflower


Drizzle and Dew

A drop of drizzle
On my cheek
Like a hope filled
assurance from the sky!

The dew on a petal
And the sunray sneaking by
Like a tiny rainbow
Emerging from my heart …

Your touch
And your warm hugs
Like a source of strength
But only the moments to remember you by…


Fly Away, Fly Away

Its a journey ,they say
sometimes melancholy
and sometimes gay

Mostly two way;
‘happiness with pain’
‘pain with happiness’
which one is longer to stay?

or is there a three way, a four way
or a ‘free way’?

juggling all the way,
missed the frolic and fun
yet,its not the end of the day

everyone has been a ‘winter’s’ prey
but don’t you forget my friend
the ‘night is longer than the day’
it’s always a ‘free way’
fly away,
fly away!



A Summer Rain

Summer Rain

Gentle and strong

Inspires me to move on


Everyone gets a chance

The Sun yesterday, The Cloud today.

You today and I tomorrow.


The Wind blows and the leaves rustle

I walk against it

A little bit of nudge and a little bit of hustle


An abrupt silence, no lightening

 Besides the birds, still twittering

And In the dark, my heart nonetheless glittering.


It’s a Tuesday but feels like a Saturday

Heavy yet light

A day of hope to revive and set the flight!


















Like a radiant beam

Wrapped in the cloak of invisibility

Under the shade of a banyan tree

Away from a myriad tangled noises

Afar from unfortunate choices


A heaven on earth

Hear only nightingales chirp

Believe it or not

A mind without a single thought


A sweet summer haze

Infinite memorable days

No memory of the past

How long will this moment last?


On my shoulder, a sudden tap

“It was an epiphany, let’s wrap”

He said.

Akin to a radiant beam

That was my dream ☺


What Am I?

***try to solve the riddle before reaching the end of the poem. Can you guess the answer by the first few lines?***

I am a riddle ,

with your minds , I’d now begin to fiddle.

Ever since, man discovered emotions,

I have been an inherent conception

Accompanied by disappointment and discouragement,

You can often look for me in sadness and stress.

What am I?

I am pro depression , pro fight,

and pro angst.

Unrealistic and Unnecessary at times,

Over thinking and mind boggling are a few of my crimes.

I am an addiction

reluctant to leave your mind

failed relationships never leave me behind.

What am I?

Let me tell you

reasons for my confidence

and for my consequence

None have seen my

positive side,

none have utilized my attraction

none ever valued my gratefulness.

I’d like to confess

Many clinged to my hopelessness

when i intended to be hopeful,

and i could settle for joy too ,


I now wear a crown, of a frown,

Like a stereotypical epitome of pessimism

I failed to be a leader of optimism

What am I?

I am an exaggerated imagination

A mind of fixation,

in a psychological education,

And with emotion fluctuation

Often an inbuilt frustration.

What am I?

What am I?


Yes, I am an Expectation!

Try exploiting my power

for nothing but good?