Just Another Thought Bubble …

If only there were enough words, to narrate
the atrocious and nightmarish
antsy and jittery
musings of my mind

as if, I were a Djinn
captured in an entrapment
that is black and compact
waiting to swirl out of the bottle

as if, I were the ancient mariner
survivor of the wrath of the Sea
looking for a passerby
to narrate the rime
of my wretched journey

as if , I were the pain
shadowed by the beautiful
symphony of a blind musician
adored by the universe

if only there were enough emotions,
to recite the lyrical
of my restless and perturbed
yet a wishful soul.










The Impending Wave…

A gnawing ache
creeping in, slow
refuses to let go.

remorseful feelings
with reason unknown
escaping from reality
turning to debris.

I sit on the shore
allowing myself
to get carried away with waves
recalling those days

of frolic and fun
days spent floating on clouds
nights with the brightest star
and with ecstasy, no bar.

I look at the horizon
something impending,
the closer it gets,
the intense its threats.

Washing away my regrets
it takes back
with every wave
emotions that had me slaved.

the shore is now sultry
the sand ,velvety
the soul,  nonchalant
the mind, peaceful

and the heart..?
its aching still
the wound is yet to heal!





Times Now!

Is it the time of Tribulation
or the time of Alleviation?

I wonder and I deliberate…

Much beyond all progression
Much beyond all the automation and mechanization,
there’s a dip and there’s a regression
in the respect for dignity of human life.

there’s a deep despair ,
which is now beyond repair
there’s anguish and there’s regret
commanded by peril and threat

they are demonic,
they are barbaric
they are merciless
and they are unashamed!


Let us be prudent and let us be fierce
it’s the time to combat and the time to win

we must stand up,
we must unite
and we must fight!





It hurts, but it’s worth a lifetime!

Its baffling
how this pain is so powerful
it hurts but still its beautiful
there is a sense of solace
a feeling that no words can describe
an impression that stays
it hurts but still its beautiful

there is a passion and there is pleasure in this feeling
yet,its demanding!
demanding of pain, desperation and contemplation
its afflictive,
hurts like a wasps sting
it needs your attention , your time, your thoughts
you can try but you cannot discount it.
until you accept it, feel it and derive comfort from it

its hurting, yet its worth a lifetime
it kills you everyday, yet you live it like never before
its complicated, yet simplifies a lot
its passionate, yet sometimes dull
its everlasting, yet its ephemeral
yes ,its inexplicable
yet it says a lot without words..

its hurts but still its beautiful
yes , it is LOVE.

it is Love , that I have for you
and that’s why I am addicted to it.
its hurting, but its worth a lifetime!


Foot prints on the cloud
the impressions on the mountains they shroud

On and On, towards the sea, I render a trail
for you to find me, and now together we sail

In the realm of the great sea,
is there a treasure you see?

dive a few fathoms deep
just beyond the swirling weed
and under the peacock’s tail, take a leap
now do you see a pearl bead?

It’s More precious than a gemstone
is what you seek!



Deeper into your soul,
beyond the rapture and dark mole

are the footprints that glow
valour, zeal and a triumph they show

to it, you cling like ivy and grip to its wheel
it will take you to the world not so surreal!


The Wind of My Soul

This poem is a plea to the world to set their thoughts free and break them from the shackles of negativity that dwells in the society. Nothing else but our own thoughts restrict us from soaring up high in the sky. Let us unravel and rise up high because, Sky is not the limit!!!


Like a Clink and a Clunk
it gave me an unsettling breath

Like a Shriek and a Shout
it hammered my thoughts

It was as powerful as the thunder
It wanted to break and tear

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I was callous and oblivious
Until it tied into a circle so vicious
It made me vulnerable,
I gave it a moment to be stable.

Beyond a shadow of doubt
it cried to me aloud

“I am the Wind of your soul,
Set me free from the shackles of this dark coal.
I have heard of spring and autumn
this winter restrained me to encounter a flower blossom

I want to soar up so high
witness the comb of a bee
twitter of a bird
beauty of a Rainbow
and sprint out of this dark burrow

I am the wind of your soul
Liberty is what you stole
Abolish these bars and unlock the key
Listen to my plea and set me free
oh my dear thoughts, set me free!”




Burning in Flames

If I were to cry out loud today
you’d still be inconscient

If I were to stand in front you
you’d still be willfully blind

If I were to walk far far away,
you’d still be in cognizant

If I were to rupture from an incision,
You’d still twist the knife in the wound

If I were to burn in the brilliance of a flame
You’d still be aloof

And, for you to attain salvation
I would have to gulp down ample poison
You’d still be ungracious!