The One Where She Says.. See you Again

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The One Where She Says.. See you Again

“It’s been a long day , without you my friend and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again . “ I remember how happy I was when I got to know that we both were going to be in the same city after college.I literally jumped on my bed !  See … Continue reading

Let’s Do This!

When I was little, I was told quite often that we should be kind, and that we should live together as compassionate human beings in a peaceful society. Little did I know about the harsh realities of life. Not a day passes by without hearing a news which shows how callous this world has become. … Continue reading

A Thought Bubble

John Green wrote in his book The Fault in Our Stars, “That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.” We spend most of our lives running away from situations, feelings or in most cases, from people. In anticipation of being strong and happy, we sweep the pain under the rug for years. We … Continue reading

My thoughts on ‘Maybe’ by Geetika Garg

“That was the thing about  love, it made you audacious. It gave you the invincible strength that you never knew you had.” Dear Geetika,                                I wish I had enough words to express how beautiful this book is and I wish I could describe what a wonderful feeling it is to read about two people … Continue reading

What’s With the New Year’s Resolution?

There was a time when I used to get annoyed when someone asked at school about new year resolutions, until I was awaken to the whole idea behind it! At the outset of each year, we put our thought bubbles under a lot of pressure and finally come up with something that we wish to … Continue reading

The Purpose Of Life!

I am interconnected to millions of lives around me and so is every human in this world. Be it some person who passes by me on the road or be it a beggar I see on the footpath, I can influence millions of lives in my environment. This thought which bubbled from my own being … Continue reading

Mirror Mirror On The Wall!

Mirror Mirror on the wall, Look at the world, there is a squall. There is ache, there is sorrow.   All I can see is, joy getting narrow. ——————————————————————————————————————- Why is it so difficult to live a peaceful life ? Why is there so much pain, poverty, unhappiness and hatred ? If only, things were … Continue reading