I am  the blazing fire ,
With my flames growing higher
I roam around the world
Like the blustery wind
I am an ocean wave
Wafting through the whirlwind
I am Limitless !

I am Limitless
Because I fear but never give in
Because I cry but always learn something
Because I am stubborn but for the right reasons
I dream and then make it a reality
I smile and then Spread it across.
I have a vision to succeed in my mission.
I am Limitless!


In my life ,
I have loved, I have laughed
I have won and I have risen
I have lost and I have learnt
I have struggled and realized
That within me ,there is a voice
Shouting at me and provoking me
To be Limitless!

Limitless like the sky
Limitless like the Lion’s roar
Limitless like the outer space
Limitless like a mother’s love
Limitless like the rays of the Sun
And make my LIFE,
Limitless to the infinity and beyond !

 Stay Happy ! Stay Limitless! 🙂


What if you Fly?

Scrolling down quotes on a blog, I came across this ,”I am thankful for my struggle because without it ,I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength.”   Sometimes when you read something, and it hits you so hard and sharp that it changes your entire perception about things. And sometimes, this change of perception is good ! Most of us  resent our struggles . We come across very few people saying,  “I have fallen before and risen each time  and so will I now , only higher this time.” Deep down we know it that we all can make it through . All we need is, someone to remind us time and again of our inner  strengths . We need someone to look straight into our eyes, hold on to our shoulders and say ” You can and You Will!” Where do we find that some one ? Who will be that person in our life to reassure us of a joyful  tomorrow?

Look up, open your eyes

there is a mirror and in it there is a smile

you bow down, it bows down with you,

you cry and it cries with you

you smile , it smiles with you

it teaches you only one lesson,

with spirit of reverence in our hearts,

is how the pain will lessen.

In short, we need to remind ourselves that we are the power source and we have the life force to turn the things around. We need to take responsibility of our own lives. We need to respect more and begrudge less. We must have that spirit of reverence so that we can appreciate the little things that we have and move on to achieve better.  Begrudging takes us nowhere , only a step back in life. So, don’t be afraid to fall, what if you fly?41AzXaP6XHL._SX300_

Connect yourself deeply with your goal. It becomes a lot easier to walk the rocky road when you put your heart and mind into something and then you strive to achieve it. Attitude has made a difference before and it will make in the future as well. All that matters is whether your attitude cries at struggles or applauds at strengths.

Stay Happy! Stay Positive! Strive harder! 🙂

I can’t wait to read it and find more about Wonderwall ;)

” He :Tell me about your Wonderwall.

She: i don’t have a Wonderwall

 He: everyone has a Wonderwall!  ” 

Honestly, it took me a lot of time to convince myself that i don’t have a wonderwall . On continuous thought process for long hours, I ended up having quite a few. It’s funny when you dream of an indescribable person or someone  you are so intrigued by ,that you start comparing every person to your wonderwall , and end up getting hurt when expectations don’t have a rapport with your fascination.  Wonderwall isn’t just a fantasy, it’s something that separates mundane life from an awe-inspiring reality.

My close friend Kanika Dhameja, in her debut novel , “You’re my Wonderwall”  gives a perfect idea of what  love is all about. Is it scary? Is it wonderful? Does it always hurt? She writes “you never lose by loving, you only lose by holding back” . This upcoming novel is nothing but a reality about young adult love with the right amount of crispiness in her writings and inspiration that she finds in love.

“You’re my wonderwall is going to hit the stores pretty soon. I can’t wait to read it and find out the truth about love. Can you? “Falling in love is easy. Falling out of love? Not so much.”  All the best kanika :* Rise higher with your dreams!

Get a glimpse of what is this novel all about ,right here ..

To know more about it, Follow her on facebook at

stay happy ! stay loved 🙂

The One with the new beginning !

“Welcome to the real world, it sucks! You gonna love it” I can’t help but remember this famous dailogue from the F.R.I.E.N.D.S tv series when Rachel is all set to be independent. As I embark my  journey into this new era, I am filled with new kind of hope and determination. This hope is going to help me accept the fact that each day of life is a  dynamic development and this determination will help me create wonders where ever I go. It indeed takes a lot of courage to leave behind your near and dear ones and step outside your comfort zone but in the end it’s always worth it. I still remember the first time when 4 years back, I entered college, away from home ,with a little fear inside and pretending to be strong on the outside. Those 4 years were beautiful like a  valley with both ups and downs and i managed it pretty well.I entered as a teenage girl and left as a strong independent woman. It feels almost the same today, similar kind of fear ,similar kind of happiness and similar kind of anxiety but the difference is that I am more optimistic, mature and have faith in myself. In spite of being aware of the fact that this journey need not be a bed of roses , I am ready to take the challenges that stop by.

Setting up a flight and determination to a much  greater height..
I look ahead to this day with all my might..
With my eyes on the brightest of the stars..
All set for a bon voyage..
I say Au revoir to the past and bonjour to a new start…

Stay Happy! Stay Positive! 🙂

The U-Turn!

Think of life as a number of concentric circles. The outermost circle is absolute happiness, inside that is reality , inside reality is desires ,inside desires is helplessness and inside that is anger. These concentric circles could go on for innumerable aspects like these but only towards the inner side.  With each passing day we are increasing the number of concentric circles towards the inner side . Put differently, we are going deeper and deeper into the inner shell and missing out on a lot of important things by paying attention to the things that are missing from our lives.  We reach a point in life when it gets as difficult as solving a maze to get out of the innermost shell. Why not stop right now , where we are and take a U- turn ? Start walking towards the outermost circle now. What is this outermost circle? Nothing but an inner voice that constantly tells you to keep moving forward no matter what. The outermost circle is the ultimate goal of life, which is inner peace and happiness in all kinds of situation. It is that point in life when we stop complaining and start cherishing everything that we have. It is where we are always strong and optimistic. All of us yearn to be a part of this circle but unfortunately can’t find a way out, most of the times. In other words, focus on one utmost important thing in your life, make that focus so firm that all the negative forces that are pulling you inside the shell fail to do so. Once you start focusing on that important thing, you will only advance making each day better than the previous and realize how beautiful life is, indeed. But you have to decide what is that utmost important thing in your life to which you want to give all your attention to? Is it money? Is it job? Is it relations? Is it learning? Or is it creating value in your immediate environment by your thoughts, words and actions? You decide it. These words may sound very comforting to the soul  but are equally painful and hard when applied practically to our own lives. It is as hard to change ourselves as it is go back in time . The difference between the two  is that we cannot back in time and change things in the past  but we can change ourselves . That’s the best thing about humans. Their behavior CAN change if they want to , thereby changing their entire lives.  It is better  to be the master of our life than to be a slave to our desires even if it takes all the time in our life , even if it looks difficult at the moment , it will be worth it in the end. Life has a lot of unseen rewards for all those who  are honestly persevering to make the most of their lives. Even if we cannot see it now, our life is getting nourished each day by all the pain we are going through to strive for the best. The visible rewards will come to us when it is the right time.

The question is , How do we take a U-turn in life and make the outermost circle as the linchpin ? When we climb a mountain it is difficult ,we get  breathlessness and fatigue but while descending , it’s easier and enjoyable at times.  Even though its tougher ,but we climb anyway. Why? Because we want to reach a certain point at the top of the mountain or the peak. Consider each day of  life like climbing a mountain , it may be difficult but we will reach the peak at the end of the day. In practical terms, start with one thing that you want to change in yourself, anger for instance. Whenever you are about to burst out with anger, start smiling or laughing or counting up to 100 or anything of the sort. Understand that, whatever is making you angry can be sorted out in some other way. You cannot think of it now , but give it time. Resume thinking when your mind is calm. Similarly, for people who have low self-confidence can challenge themselves each day to do at least one new thing confidently . In short, there are a number of problems that pull us towards the helplessness but always remember to keep your heart and mind stuck on the absolute happiness . When you focus on changing yourself from within rather trying to change things outside,  only then you will be able to conquer all the darkness in your life.

Expand your life. Come out of your shell of darkness . Experience new things. Dare to take risks. Learn to climb higher peaks. Dream big. Fear less. Change more. Listen more speak less. Forgive more. Discover more. As they say, “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Cheers! Stay Happy! Stay Strong! Stay Positive! 😀

The First Step

If we were just born to grow up, go to school, graduate, work, get married, have children and then one day just die, our lives would be unexciting. There must be a reason to be born into this world ? What is the profound mission that we are born to fulfill? Give it a thought. We spend most of our lives running after  materialistic things, trying to build up career and make money so that we can get all the comforts, which is not wrong but it’s not right either  to get so wrapped up in ourselves and not focus on our true mission in life. While chasing freedom we actually  get caught in the trap that we build for ourselves, and then spend rest of our lives trying to find a way out . What I mean to say is that accept the fact that you are lucky enough to  be born as a human being . There ought to be something huge and important to do in life. That  is why we are born as the living beings.

What do we do instead? We begrudge , we disregard, we resent our lives each day whenever something goes wrong. We never thank our problems because its hard and painful. We never see trouble as a ladder to become stronger in life or something to learn from. We never make enough effort to right the wrongs. Whatever we have is less and most of us give up right here, at this point in life.

We will never have enough of anything because it’s a never ending process of desires so we might as well be grateful for what we have. As long as we have gratitude, we can become happy.  Wanting materialistic things which fulfill some kind of purpose or which help us get closer to our mission is not wrong . The important thing is to not give up and continue to live a life full of purpose and quality rather than longing for a life full of comfort and quantity. Someone asked me, will I be miserable and unhappy  forever? And I just quoted some book  “forever is made of nows”  Our future is made of present  and present of past, but the past need not get dragged all along. We need to let go to reach a new chapter of life. We need to let go to live a life full of joy . We need to let go to be victorious.

To live a life without regrets is to seek happiness within . To seek happiness within is to never begrudge your own life. To never begrudge your own life is never to be defeated. Never to be defeated is to be victorious and to be victorious is indeed the mission of life! When everything can be so sorted ,why complicate things ? Why be a slave to circumstances ? Don’t just sit and wait for things to happen, just do it. Everything is within us, all we need to do is take that first step . Let that first step be today. Right now!

Cheers! Stay Happy! Stay Strong! 🙂 😀


The Stars Lie Hidden In Us

Stumbling upon old school books of Junior high, I came across this beautiful quote of Rabindranath Tagore, an Indian Nobel Laureate in Literature , “Reach high, for stars lie hidden in you. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.” How profound this sentence is! We all have a hidden power within us. Most of us hesitate to tap that power in front of the world  and some are not even aware of  it until they reach a saturation point in their lives. We  spend most of our lives thinking that the end is important and forget that the journey that brought us till the end is more important. Was it a very tough and a discouraging journey or was it a very tough and an encouraging one ? All goal oriented lives are bound to be tough and full of hurdles. That is not our choice but to make it an encouraging one or a discouraging one is our choice. We are the writer of  our story not other people. My mentor, Dr. Daisaku Ikeda says that it is foolish to be swayed by irresponsible actions of others . Moreover, Rabindranath Tagore has very distinctly exclaimed that the stars lie hidden in us .In other words, the infinite potential to change the pessimism into optimism and adversities into favorable conditions is deep within us. Then why do we wander in search of happiness outside us? All we need to do is set ourselves free from the shackles of negativity. Maintain a balance between realism and idealism . Most of the time realism wins because we tend to fall under the trap of situations and compromise with our goals and capabilities. Once we realize that we can survive without basing our lives on the situations but on goals, we are bound to be victorious.  Remember that, you were not born to live like a common man. You were born unique and with some profound mission in life. Do not let it drown nine fathom deep just because the situation isn’t favorable today. Make it favorable . Make an oath to yourself. Set a goal. Have immense hope in that goal. Perform action to achieve it and be the champion of your life!

Cheers! Stay Happy ! Stay Positive ! Stay Strong! 😀 🙂


The Resolve Of a Lion King


What appeared to be a raging storm, was indeed  a vagabond
in pursuit of tranquility, it had travelled for so long.
Just like me ,squashed with millstones of trouble and hurdles tightened with a bond
In spite of getting swayed by my own darkness ,I try to right all the wrongs.

No squall , no gush is greater than my potential to win
Dimmest of rays is adequate to lighten a kiln
A kiln that is as brighter as the sun
I carry it to dispel the darkness and get happiness outrun.

Courageous and unrivaled as the Lion King
Unperturbed and Un defeated I ride on the hover board of a  beautiful spring.
I am here to set a benchmark without begrudging my own life
I am here to create the powerhouse and with this belief I will strive.

I am a leader , I lead others to happiness
I am The Lion King, I fear no beasts
I am the treasure tower of joy, nothing can dare me destroy.
Just as a firm resolve is meaningless without action,
Just as a moment of despair turns into joy in a fraction
Such is my resolve where my faith is stronger than my problem
I will change my life from autumn into flowers of spring that blossom.

Cheers! Stay Happy! Stay Strong! Stay Positive!! 😀 🙂 (y)

What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You …

” What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,
Stand a little taller…

What doesn’t kill you makes a fighter,
Footsteps even lighter…”

One of my favorite songs from Kelly Clarkson’s album , STRONGER. I heard this song a couple of times before but never really paid attention to  the lyrics because the music itself was catchy and top of the charts. It’s a very common incidence that we listen to our favorite numbers round the clock but only understand its meaning when we are alone somewhere walking down the street ,with a cool breeze up against the face or on a long drive sitting by the window seat facing outside trying to ignore the objects that come our way  and concentrate our vision only to ourselves , matching the lyrics with our own life. Isn’t it? So what kind of songs do you listen to when you feel  gloomy or melancholy or anything of the sort which is not upbeat? Most of the people I have met , listen to the songs that match their mood. For instance , a sad song when you’re feeling sad , a betrayal song on being heartbroken, a happy song for a regular day and a peppy song for a party mood. No doubt it lets you  forget the pain and discomfort when you have no one else’s shoulder to cry on , except on a pillow, but why not listen to upbeat songs when you are low? Why not change your basic life tendency from a sullen , dark to a bright and a sunshiny one? Are you waiting for someone else to come and lift up your mood? No. No one can change how you feel. It is you who has the power of the universe to change your own life . You want to be happy? Do something that makes you happy. Things are not going your way? Find a way! When one door closes, another one opens. Or at least a window does! Feeling restless? Sit and pray. Feeling bored? Dance around and sing! This could go on for a while but the crux is , be your own counselor. You don’t need a third person. It’s the way you look at things around you. Change the way you look at things and the things that you look at will change is something most of us have heard and it makes sense. Coming back to the point, Music is a gift to all of us. Some people create it , some people just enjoy it and some people haven’t realized the essence of it yet. It’s never too late though. Music works out well for me under  90 percent of the circumstances. Might just do it for you too. Try it! After all, what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. Right? 😉

Cheers, Stay Happy, Stay Groovy, Stay Positive!

Here’s a video of Kelly Clarkson’s STRONGER. Do listen to it at least once 🙂

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