The One Where She Says.. See you Again

“It’s been a long day , without you my friend and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again . “

I remember how happy I was when I got to know that we both were going to be in the same city after college.I literally jumped on my bed !  See that’s the thing about our friendship, we become happy with short term moments of joy and togetherness.. little did we know that these 4 years of friendship would bring us to a point where we would finally have to start  imagining our lives without being physically present for each other. Let’s face it, we knew that it had to happen one day , we were just running away from facing it. And here it is! But  it’s all for the best, you know. I am sure the distance will only make us stronger , closer at heart and we will still  have moments to remember for a life time .

If I won’t be happy with your start of new life, then who else would be? But I am sad too at the same time. Cz now it would be months to listen to your drama and stories , to which I am not used to giving a lot of gap btw 😦 . And don’t you make new BEST FRIENDS there , cz I am right behind you , I will see you soon and if I find out something fishy , I will find you and I will kill you. Buahahaha.. 3:)

Alas! I wish words were enough to express what I feel right now .I am anxious just like you are. I feel as if I am starting a new life. And why not! After all we are connected at heart. ❤

I remember every crazy conversation we had in hostel and I remember every crazy things we did together at the odd hours. And together, We are one of a kind !

I don’t  know how things will be in the future. How will we manage to keep in touch.. I just know that we will, no matter what.. we will  .

5-7  years from now when it would be time for us to get married to our guys, that would be one hell of a reunion ! isn’t it? And a few more years down the lane.. I can’t wait to see how would we act crazy when we would be old and wrinkly! Would we still lie down on the floor with a box of cheeseburst and stalk Victoria secret angels and be all jealous about it? ! Aaah..well.. there’s no denying the fact that our lives will change every now and then. But we need to promise each other that we will keep each other updated about every smallest thing happening in our lives..just like we have been doing for quite a few years now 😉 Pinky Promise?

My happy and not so happy :/ heart wishes you the most joyous start and journey ahead. Wish you all the best Kanni. Il always be there for you . No matter how much the distance is,i’ll be just a Whatsapp call away to sort out your issues  :p cz I know you’ll be there for me too..

Lots of love


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