Let’s Do This!

When I was little, I was told quite often that we should be kind, and that we should live together as compassionate human beings in a peaceful society. Little did I know about the harsh realities of life. Not a day passes by without hearing a news which shows how callous this world has become. Where humans were supposed to live together with peace and understanding among themselves, they have forgotten the meaning of empathy, mercy, love or togetherness.

How did this all begin in the first place? Who should be blamed? Our forefathers?  The “karma” of the land where we live in?  The poverty?  Or Ourselves!? Did anyone in the distant past teach us that we must not respect the dignity of human life in this latter day ?

Let’s just call this ordeal as the last and final evaluation of our very existence. It is the most perfect time to use our wisdom and energies in the right direction. To understand and applaud those people, societies or countries who are making an effort to advance world peace by various actions which we often ignore. World peace will never be achieved if we wait for someone else to take a lead and initiate a “Let’s have peace” campaign. It is a matter of one person taking the responsibility of his/her own life and hence transmitting those waves to another and yet to another and so on. Even if it takes next 100 years or next 100,000 years to achieve our target, where world is free from sufferings, let’s still do it.

It is very easy to condemn the sovereign and some other natural forces for natural calamities, but it is very important to understand that the “Karma” of the land is made of the “Karma” of the people who live on that land. If there is so much of distress, terror, fear, hatred and poverty on our Earth , then there is also abundance of love, care, compassion , wisdom, happiness, laughter and a hundred other positive forces which have been long lost by our own negativities. Is it not the time to resurface all these hidden positivity that we have?

 Is it not the right time to change and transform our own negativities and hence of our respective countries? Let us not form an opinion about anything yet. Let’s just give a pause and think about it. Think about the purpose of us being born together into a time when there is so much pain and suffering. Who is responsible for working  for worldwide peace and happiness? It is Us, the people of this 21st century . It is Us, the youth of the 21st century! We must form a wave of such a transformative force in our lands that we would be able to surmount not only the greed, hunger, poverty that persists in the depths of our being but also create a society which respects the  dignity of human life for the 100,000 years to come and beyond.

It’s only a matter of self realization. It’s only a matter of the causes that we create each day by our own thoughts, words and actions. The long lasting peace is right there, it’s only a matter of us tapping it out from within. Let’s do this! And Let’s do this together as ONE.


Stay Happy! Stay Peaceful ! Stay Hopeful 🙂


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