My thoughts on ‘Maybe’ by Geetika Garg

“That was the thing about  love, it made you audacious. It gave you the invincible strength that you never knew you had.”

Dear Geetika,

                               I wish I had enough words to express how beautiful this book is and I wish I could describe what a wonderful feeling it is to read about two people you already know.  ‘ Maybe’ is a book which touches  your heart deeply and tells you that nothing is more powerful than true love. The different phases that Samaira and Priyansh go through in this book are no doubt  a part of life’s harsh reality that most of us go through in different ways, but at the end love surpasses every sorrow and bitterness.

The way you have expressed Samaira’s feelings in this book is truly outstanding. She embraces every person , be it her room mates, her friends, family or little kids. Her character is so admirable that it makes everyone fall in love with her . You know, there are some people who cannot see others suffering. It’s as if they themselves are a part of it. It pains to see others going through so much and that is why they want to make things alright for others. Samaira is one such person . At the same time, no matter how tough or adamant Priyansh may be at times, he is as humble, loving and caring at heart. In spite of a hundred odd things going on in his life, he would never fail to make anyone laugh.” Dare to dream” is what Priyansh has portrayed through his actions.

There are so many things that we know are true but time and again we need someone to remind us of them. No matter how  optimistic one may be, we need someone to tell us that everything is transient; the pain,the happiness,the sorrows, the life itself, but what is eternal is selfless true love. Yes indeed, this book has taught me and reminded me of so many such things . One of them is that “not everybody is meant to tread the same pathway. What is best for others doesn’t mean it is for you too. You have a different way to walk upon. You have to wait for your day, who knows what is in store for you? Just never stop looking for it.”  Geetika, Thank you for inspiring so many lives out there with this great effort you have put in. You never know how your life and experiences can change other person’s life. My heartiest congratulations on writing such a wonderful Memoir. Continue to share your thoughts to impart so much strength and add so much value to not only your life but to many others.

As they say, ‘Winter always turns to spring”, ‘Maybe’ has proved it right!


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