What’s With the New Year’s Resolution?

There was a time when I used to get annoyed when someone asked at school about new year resolutions, until I was awaken to the whole idea behind it! At the outset of each year, we put our thought bubbles under a lot of pressure and finally come up with something that we wish to  achieve . Things seem simple initially but they get complicated later on. Each passing day after 1ST Jan acts like a devilish force trying to stop us from achieving our targets for the year. Devilish forces like the alarm clock not ringing in the morning when you determine to wake up early this year! Yeah that was my devilish force. I heard quite a few people saying that they don’t keep new year resolutions. Not that, I have said anything on encountering such statements but I truly believe in the importance of resolutions. Undoubtedly you don’t need a specific day to keep resolutions but  New Year’s day is just an open  platform for everyone to take new vows and fulfill them and also to re determine to accomplish unfulfilled targets of the previous year. That’s the kind of spirit we need to forge in our lives to keep moving on forever, victoriously.

Realizing the depth of our innate potential will only come if we push ourselves and stand on our own feet rather than waiting for someone else to push us. Your near and dear ones will only give oil to your cartwheel so that it can start moving, but you need to ride it up the hill on our own. And to do so, you need to decide a destination first , where you want your cartwheel to go! Resolutions are the destinations that we decide for ourselves each year and it is important to keep at least one because that is an attempt to bring about our own human revolution.  An attempt to expiate the negative, to shine brilliantly like the Sun and to accumulate so much good fortune that we learn to become the happiest in our environment. It does take a great deal of effort to change so much within our own life but the benefit that we accumulate in return, is boundless!

We need not set huge targets all at once but it can  be a series of small victories achieved throughout the span of time.  Keeping targets and then not planning them will only lead to failure followed by disappointment. Most of the youth are disappointed with life only because it was not planned well! Failures can be accepted, if you plan your goals well. Planning always includes the part where even if we fall, we will rise up again and again. The austerity required to push oneself each day is the most crucial task that we need to worry about, rest all will just be taken care off.

If you haven’t determined anything yet, then at least start with something like  “ I will pay gratitude to people who make me struggle a lot because that is how I am polishing my life.”

“I will smile at each person I encounter whether they reciprocate or not because that is the first step to become happy.”

“I will rise to the challenges that life presents me because that is how I will grow in life.”

“I will learn something new , because learning is a never ending process and there is so much to explore.”

“I will make this year the most prosperous for myself and for others around me, I will give my 300% in whatever I do and I will never be defeated.”

“I will report victory on the DAY OF MY JUDGEMENT ,which I will set for myself.”

“Yes I will , Yes I must!”



Stay Happy ! Stay Positive! Resolute Today! 🙂


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