The Purpose Of Life!

I am interconnected to millions of lives around me and so is every human in this world. Be it some person who passes by me on the road or be it a beggar I see on the footpath, I can influence millions of lives in my environment. This thought which bubbled from my own being shook me a little and made realize that  there is so much of power within each individual , only we are not awaken to it. Even if we try to influence or impact various lives  in a positive way, we give up or we are overshadowed by our own inner darkness. Bringing a revolution is not a child’s play, and when you find difficulties doing that, you are on the right path. Ironical! isn’t it? Like a lotus flower blooms into a muddy water , we must bloom in a similar way irrespective of our surroundings, giving a ray hope to the people around us. After all, what are we here for? To criticize life and circumstances? To be a part of a society where there is corruption, greed ,anger and foolishness? No! We are indeed here to bring about a change in the world! We are here to trail blaze an era of happiness and wipe away the hatred that has been mushrooming in our society since times immemorial. When The Buddha, The Hindu Lord Krishna , The Jesus, The Sikh Guru, Gurunanak Dev and their disciples, spent their entire lives propagating peace ,culture and happiness , then where did we go wrong? When and Why did we start dwelling in a culture where there is no hope for  improvement?  Why do we see people giving up ? Think about it! If one person takes responsibility to bring about a change , to bring about harmony amongst different cultures  without  thinking  that it is not his/her  cup of tea, just imagine how beautiful and clean our world would be! There would be love and care prevailing for hundreds and thousands of years to come. Every person in our environment is influenced by our own life state. It is our responsibility to be the shining light of hope for everyone ! This is the purpose of life! This  is the purpose of my life! Now I know it, and I will do it! No matter what, there will be light, there will be hope. There will be happiness .There will be trust . To live a life full of regrets is not what I want. I urge all of you to look inside your lesser selves and replace it with your greater self.  There is always a purpose. Find the purpose of your life! Live it without regrets! Let us permeate this land of sufferings with our love and compassion and create a land of eternally tranquil light!

Stay Happy! Stay Strong!Stay Purposeful! 🙂


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